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Take notes during a session

Coordinate this session on Google Hangout, or something equivalent. Save pad in a doc at the end of the session. 

Setup a group study. 

  • Make a program: decide on topic, didactic material, time structure (hours of collective study, time for individual reflection and exercise, duration, ...), decide on peer-evaluation.   
  • Propose your group study on SENSORICA mailing list. Create a for for inscription. You can also ask some questions to adapt the program to the audience. 
  • Use Doodle to decide for the dates and times to get together.
  • Enter dates and times in the Agenda
  • Use the PiratPad above to take notes with your partners during a session. 
  • Use Google Hangout for group meetings. You can watch videos together, chat, share screen, etc. 
  • Peer-evaluation - make exercises and peer-evaluate yourselves. 
  • Get an experienced person to help and to assist in the evaluation process.  
  • If you come up with a group learning process for a specific topic please share it with the rest of the community.