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About us

The first commons-based peer production network 
focused in hardware development, production and distribution on the world, created in early 2011

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Our mission  
SENSORICA is committed to the design and deployment of intelligent, open sensors, and sensemaking systems, which allow our communities to optimize interactions with our physical environment and realize our full human potential.


 Sensorica's structure and economic model 
SENSORICA is partially a market-based economy and partially a gift economy. For the first part, we find solutions to problems and exchange these solutions (products) on the market for revenue. For the second part, individuals and organizations are allowed to initiate projects that are mostly passion-driven, without expecting any extrinsic reward (financial compensation or other). SENSORICA offers the right balance between passion and duty, between freedom and constraint. SENSORICA is for benefit, NOT for profit (it is not a profit maximizing organization).

Two tracks of innovation in SENSORICA

  • Sensing technology : Integrating open source into ethical and open products. In other words, we design and manufacture open products (sensor devices and applications) to be exchanged on the market (see products).
 As an organization, SENSORICA is
  • designed to facilitate large-scale co-creation and exchange of value
    • facilitates large-scale coordination and collaboration
    • secures transactions among affiliates and reduces transaction costs
    • facilitates resource management
    • allows multi-dimensional value accounting and fair redistribution of revenue
  • openeasy access to participation
  • horizontalnon-hierarchical governance, autonomy of affiliates, structure shaped by value-based relations rather than power-based relations
  • decentralized: bottom up allocation of resources, no central planning, no collective budget
  • emergent and adaptive structure, constantly changing with respect to internal and environmental conditions

  • an ethical and humane organization, by its nature
  • a locus of practical knowledge about sensing
  • an organization tuned for the know how economy
  • an organization producing Commons, we share our knowledge
  • an organization optimized for speed to market and flexibility (as opposed to protection)
  • an economic entity that thrives on open (source) innovation through a network-to-teams structure
  • an elastic organization that builds new capacity by network affiliation / association
  • we are only limited by our ability to coordinate our global network.
  • we use a contribution-based compensation model.

Our online community is growing. Join us in our mission!

Geographical distribution of our network of Sensorica team members

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More about us

SENSORICA is a new type of organization tuned for the p2p economy, for commons-based peer production. It is 
an expanding open enterprise, or an open value network

  • Open knowledge and standards
  • Transparent processes 
  • Low barriers to entry 

  • SENSORICA is an open, decentralized, and self-organizing value network
  • SENSORICA thrives on open source innovation. We design, produce, and distribute open source hardware. 
  • SENSORICA is open, why compete with us when you can join us? 
  • SENSORICA is a commons-based peer production system. 
  • Stop looking for a job and start working now! Join SENSORICA! 
  • Your revenue is based on your contribution within SENSORICA. 
  • SENSORICA is NOT a power-based structure, but a value-based structure
  • We bet on speed rather than protection, we thrive on open source innovation. 
  • SENSORICA is a growing pool of know-how in sensing technology. 
  • SENSORICA is an new form of organization designed for the know-how economy. 
  • Know-how and production capacity are the key to the new economy. 
  • What you know and what you can do are more important that who people think you are. 
  • Share and be social and you'll be fine... 
  • All revenue is redistributed among members in proportion to individual contributions. 
  • Be autonomous and show initiative! There is no boss within SENSORICA! 
  • A new economic paradigm…
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