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Ethienne Racine

Set of skills I bring into this venture

I'm new to Sensorica and as my role evolves within the ecosystem and I discover how I can help this venture grow, I will add to this page. 

I like to look upon issues as challenges, diving deep into their root causes to find creative solutions in collaboration with others. I have management experience as venture leader of McGill's Engineers Without Borders Youth Engagement Venture. An initiative who's aim is to unlock youth's potential by creating the school environment necessary for them to discover their talents through socially minded projects.  

I love designing and understanding the technical aspect of things. As such, I am currently undergoing my studies in Mechanical engineering at McGill.

I also wish to contribute to crowd funding and other market related activities.

My motivation for being part of this venture

I wanted to discover a new work environment who seems more in tune with the way science should be done. An open work environment.
I wish to contribute to the green wall project and the education and consultancy services
I want an opportunity to make use of my knowledge to realize hands-on projects within sensorica.


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system under construction... see value reputation and role


system under construction... see value reputation and role