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Would you invest in SENSORICA?

This is survey!

We would like to know if you would invest money in SENSORICA's projects?
Please read the section explaining what investing means before you formulate your answer. If your conclusion is "NO", please tell us what it would take to make you feel different. 


SENSORICA is an instantiation of the value network model. This model is still in evolution. You can find a lot of literature on this website about the model, its present state and our aims. For this survey, please try to consider the model at a more advanced state. After all, you're answering a hypothetical question, and you can always add comments to justify your final answer. 

One of SENSORICA's main reasons for existence (the reason why people get involved in it) is tangible rewards, which, we all hope, will allow all contributors (investors) to secure their subsistence and well being. 

Here are a few important characteristics of the value network model to keep in mind: 
  • SENSORICA is NOT a legal entity, which doesn't make it illegal. It can be understood as a platform for co-creation of value (communication, coordination, collaboration, logistics), as an infrastructure, a tool, or as a space. 
  • Members of SENSORICA can be individuals, organizations, and even other value networks. 
  • SENSORICA doesn't own property, because it doesn't have a legal status. Everything is owned by members or is part of the commons or a pool of sharebles. [The commons and the pool of sharebles cannot be used as collateral!]
  • SENSORICA produces open source products, under CC BY-SA 3.0 license[Make sure you don't miss the share alike clause!]
  • SENSORICA is open, i.e. it has very low barriers to entry [Anyone who can add value to a project, in any way, can become a member]
  • SENSORICA is transparent, i.e. internal processes are in public view. 
  • SENSORICA is decentralized, i.e. there are no instituted power relations between members [No member can decide for the entire network, or represent the network in any meaner, unless the power of representation has been granted for a very limited amount of time, limited to a specific context, through a democratic process]
  • Decisions that concern the entire network are democratic, one member one vote. Nonmembers can also be included in the process.
  • All revenue generated from exchanging a product on the market are redistributed to all members that have contributed to make this product and to bring it to market, in proportion to their respective contributions, according to the contribution accounting system
  • Contributions are considered investments and can be made in time, cash, materials, space (sharing a physical or virtual space, etc.)
  • Products are created within projects, contributions/investments are made to projects, every project is treated separately, i.e. investing in one project doesn't generate to revenue from another project. 

Investing in SENSORICA's projects

Contributions can be made in time, cash, materials and other. This survey is about investing cash. 

In short, the 
contribution accounting system takes into account all contributions from all members to a given project and uses the benefit redistribution algorithm to compute equity. The equity is represented by a pie share, where the entire pie, the 100%, represents the revenue (potentially) generated by the product issued from the project. Every contributing member to this particular project has a portion of the pie. As the project develops more contributions are made by different members, and the equity distribution changes. This is why we call this fluid equity. When the project reaches maturity the pie share becomes more stable. Only those who contribute to marketing efforts, who maintain the flow of the product towards the market, will continue to add value, little by little.  

An investment is a contribution to a project with the expectation of a future tangible reward. This reward usually comes from exchanging the product, which results from the project, on the market, against other tangible values, which are redistributed according to the contribution accounting system. An investment is different from a donation, which is a contribution made without any expectation for a future tangible reward.

An individual or an organization who invests cash automatically becomes a member of SENSORICA. This means that this individual or the organization MUST adhere to the contribution accounting system. Someone who makes a donation doesn't need to become a member of SENSORICA.  

What is your answer?