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Fabio Balli

Set of skills I bring into this venture

I provide guidance to enhance Team Performance and create opportunities for collective impact.

My speciality is to lead teams towards cultural and technological change, which includes
  • gathering best practices (Human Factor)
  • coaching executives
  • designing collaborative technologies
  • reengineering organizational processes
  • sustainable up-scaling

My partners and clients appreciate my capacity to analyze and summarize complex situations as well as to share creative, constructive and vanguardist inputs. They also acknowledge a natural aptitude to listen and question as well as a competency to create and develop human bonds.

My motivation for being part of this venture

Today, I am working on praneo (Americas), a sister organization to the praneo foundation (Switzerland). In short...

We are facilitators who enhance cooperation between peers and between organizations (SMEs, learning institution, initiatives from the civil society). We invite people to emerge as a group and find a common purpose that enable everyone to both apply and develop their talents and have major positive impact on living beings.

In order to foster in vivo experiences as a way to live and learn on ourselves, we exclude computer-centric activities. The flow and fun people have while building projects should not be hindered by technologies.

To develop self-awareness and altruism, we foster an open value ecosystem with activities that are tangible (mastery of craftsmanship, handiwork). Open value systems nudge radical innovation and lessen organizational criminality such as the grabbing of resources by a minority.

That is complementary to Sensorica ! Is it not ? :-))  Discover more.




system under construction... see value reputation and role


system under construction... see value reputation and role