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Jim Anastassiou


Was a core active affiliate of the Sensorica community & administrator of ACES-CAKE between 2014 and 2016.
Founder of Blocksense.io

Cool things to know about me:
  • Autodidact
  • I have an insatiable thirst for computer and information technologies.
  • I learned to code on a Commodore Vic-20 at the  age of 8
  • Built a digital city diorama in grade five (1984?)
  • My preferred development methodology is "the Hacker Way" (Code, break, fix )
  • My preferred learning method is to "just dive in"
  • I was once the general manager of the busiest restaurant-bar in the province of Quebec
  • Self proclaimed first greek snowboarder in Canada (1988) Okay maybe Québec.
  • I've been practising sideways sports all my life (Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding) 
  • Favourite saying: <code wins all arguments>

Skills I bring to any project:
  • Technical leadership in software and hardware development
  • Strong collaboration and documentation skills with full work transparency
  • Passion and drive, I work well in self-managed teams.
Languages & Frameworks:
  • C, C++, python, javascript, html, css, solidity, bash
  • Meteor, Django, NodeJS, ReactJS
  • Eris Industries(now Monax, permissioned blockchain stack), Ethereum, IPFS, 
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • *nix and windows
  • Currently diving into "functional programming" (Haskell, Ramda)
  • AWS stack, Digital Ocean

Current work:

Past work:

My motivation for being part of the Sensorica community

Sensorica is the only organisation I have ever encountered that captures my potential as an individual.
I aim to contribute all my accumulated knowledge and skill to help shape the future of technology and help build a global network of disruptive developers by improving the OVN model and help with its implementation.
The internet is my classroom and I have a lifetime to learn, share and create.

My Work


system under construction... see value reputation and role


system under construction... see value reputation and role