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Kenneth O'Regan

Kenneth O'Regan

Set of skills I bring into this venture

Strong background in Linux due to family working environment. Past line of web development, networking, hardware maintenance, training and customer support. 

Experience in numerous applications of IoT, development and installation of systems. 

Can write code to various extents in Javascript (NodeJS), Python, C. Have experience with web design HTML/Pug and the use of databases, primarily MySQL and MongoDB/Mongoose. Recently completed H.Dip in Sci Web Tech, NCI Ireland.

Past experience in The Grow Dome Project. Development of a LAMP server using a web interface to manage a hydroponics system, used to produce veg in order to sustain the upkeep of a Social Enterprise and the community that run it. This in turn had lead to promotion of the project which along the journey led to several business mentoring programs. 
Having a display stand with a functioning IoT system at Gardening/Tech events, business plan development and the writing of grant applications are all things that I became quite familiar with during this time.

Spent a year working for Canadian E-Commerce company Shopify, and through that gained experience with Ruby on Rails and continued to progress in self-directed learning around app development. Then went on to study again so as to get up to speed with current trends in frontend development so as to continue building skillsets.

My motivation for being part of this venture

Ideologically there are the benefits of teaching people about food production, sustainability, while also giving them more awareness and control of their farming. Pragmatically, I'd like to explore the possibility of creating several sustainable jobs in the creation, promotion and maintenance of such systems.

Wanting to further previous research, complete and deploy a number of sites and ideally to create sustainable employment. In 2014-2016, I spent 18 months on the development of a related project, I want to make use of the R&D and the insights gained over that time to progress a project such as this to market. I see potential for community/educational/commercial applications of such systems and believe that there's scope to teach many people, do a lot of good and support a number of people in successfully achieving those goals.

I made the decision to further my education so as to get an immersion in the recent changes in Web technologies. I used the opportunity of the final project of the course to further my research into creating a web application designed to aid community gardeners. It's purposes are to act as both a web presence for a group of people maintaining a community garden, but also as an assemblage of tools pertinent to the running of a successful garden group. 

In the short term, I've taken on an internship position for The Growery, a community garden based on the Birr Castle grounds in Co. Offaly, Ireland. Eimhin Callanan made the connection between John and I in relation to Greensense/Sensorica at first. You can see The Growery's Facebook presence here, their video about GIY is a nice intro to their work there. Their site harvests rain-water, will soon use solar panels for power generation and the auspices of my role over the internship are to implement the Greensense system in their off-grid site.

The work I'm aiming to contribute immediately is in essence what needs to be added to the Greensense system in order for it to function in an off-grid capacity, then later the NodeJS application which I'd like to share and discuss in the context of trying to supplement the existing work with a browser based, NodeJS frontend.
I'd like to become part of the network, contribute my own work, then try to see if it's possible to create enough sites, be that through helping an intended user to take the DIY approach, or, as is the case with Red Hat as is often cited as example, a user could pay to have the system installed/configured/supported for them.

There are many contributions that I'd like to learn how to log accurately, both in terms of the notion of how Greensense could be packaged as an off-grid system from hardware and software perspectives but also in terms of exploring the creation of a business.

At this point in early February there is little over a month remaining to the seasonal cut off for planting as Eimhin has informed me, so I'm fully engaged in aiming to meet that goal.


Small collection of media to illustrate some past projects involving IoT: Hackathons, Web Summit, interactive gardening demonstrations at events, art installations & speaking events in the promotion of projects.



system under construction... see value reputation and role


system under construction... see value reputation and role