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Kurt Laitner

Set of skills I bring into this venture

I am passionate about understanding value creation in groups. This work focusses on earned ownership and earned governance rights and the dimensions of value, metrics, and models that allow for conversion of value to ownership and governance rights. 
I have engaged globally with groups working on frameworks for collaboration, work 2.0 projects, crowd funding/sourcing, p2p technology and its implications, network culture, alternative currencies and platforms, community of practice / professional virtual communities, and new forms of organizations. I have studied group dynamics in virtual environments, affordance-behavior linkages, the structuring of information, application design, identity, reputation and trust systems.
SpecialtiesManagement, Strategy, Value, Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture, Business Architecture, Business Process, Decision Management, Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Co-creation, Systems Thinking, Modelling

My motivation for being part of this venture

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system under construction... see value reputation and role


system under construction... see value reputation and role