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Tactus Scientific

Organization, active member

Tactus Scientific Inc. is an innovative optical fiber tactile sensor company. We design, produce, and sell user friendly sensors that are at the core of high quality and innovative sensing devices. These sensors cover the needs of the scientific and medical industries. Our sensors can be designed and sold as separate parts to integrators or integrated by us into complete apparatuses that we design. Tactus also owns a deep expertise into building complete software suites to operates its sensors and manage the information created from their use. In addition, Tactus provides the full support required by our customers and collaborators. 

Members of Tactus Scientific active in Sensorica

Set of skills I bring into this venture

Muscle physiology
Business management
Tactile optical fiber sensing

Motivation for being part of this venture

Improve the Mosquito sensor.
Develop new force/displacement sensors.
Integrate force/displacement sensors into systems. 


Co-developed the Scientific Instrument System
Provides expertise in the scientific instrument market/applications in physiology. 


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