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Tiberius Brastaviceanu

Active affiliate of SENSORICA and co-founder; 
Administrator of CAKE
Stakeholder board member of P2PValue Project.

Over 10 years of activity and experience with participatory/collaborative economic practices.  

Main architect of the open value network (OVN) model, and very instrumental in its implementation. 

Work closely with developers for IT infrastructure, shaping our governance,network weaving, coordination, facilitation, guidance, documentation and network animation. 

Developing open innovation ecosystems, p2p business models.

My academic background s in physics, non-linear optics and laser applications to biotechnology, as well as philosophy/epistemology. 

My motivation for being part of this venture
Build the enterprise of the future.
Scale commons-based peer production models based on open innovation (see the OVN model)
Bridger the p2p world and the classical world. 
Build a global network of disruptive technology developers. 
Develop new technologies related to sensing and sensemaking (making sense of our environment), IoT and blockchain applications. 


Public consultations

Mémoire pour l'économie collaborative [English version]/ Présenté au Ministère de l’Économie, Science et Innovation du Québec (MESI) le 20 avril, 2018
Mémoire Plan d’action du sport et du plein air urbains 2018-2028 [English version]/ Présenté à la Ville de Montréal le 2 Mai 2018
ESDC consultation on Social Innovation and Social Finance / Presented to the Ministry of Employment and Social Development Canada in 2017

My presentations
Canadian Science Policy Center conference - CSPC 2017
World Forum for a Responsible Economy, Lile, 2017
Deep Dive: Rethinking value, Berlin, 2016

p2pValue International conference, Amsterdam, 2016
Invitation to private meeting in Ottawa, Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (2016),
Invitation to private meeting at the White House (2015),
Impact Economy Summit (2015),
OuiShare Paris (2014),
TEDx Montréal (2013),

+ numerous presentations in academic forums

In the press
SENSORICA ou quand l’accès libre se met au service du bien commun [Hinnovic 12, Mov, 2015]
SENSORICA, noveau modele d'affaire ou mode passagere? [Revue Gestion, HEC Montreal, 2014]
Économie peer-to-peer : témoignage d’un entrepreneur [SAJE Montreal]
Owning Together Is the New Sharing [Yes Magazine, 2015]
Owning is the new sharing [Shareable, 2014]

In scientific publications

In documentaries

My scientific publications 

Work I am doing within the SENSORICA OVN

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