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Conflict Management

This area is underdeveloped. Please get involved.

Be proactive and disable conflict attractors before they become strong. 

Conflict management communication channel

Use this channel to solve problems between affiliates or other sensitive issues. 
If the issue concerns the entire network announce it in the main SENSORICA mailing list.
If you have a conflict with another affiliate get a neutral person for mediation. 


Find tools for conflict management. 

Some inspirational videos

Dynamical-Systems Theory and Difficult Conflicts: Current Findings from...

Theory and research on intractable conflict is still in its infancy, but important advances have occurred over the last decade (Coleman, 2004). One particularly promising approach to the study of intractability is through the lens of *dynamical systems theory (DST).* DST is oriented to the phenomenon of complex systems that evolve and change overtime, and thus is ideally suited to capture the complexity and volatile dynamics associated with protracted social conflict. Our theory development and research focuses on developing and testing new insights into the dynamics of fostering and sustaining constructive change in complex systems that evidence enduring patterns of destructive conflict, violence and oppression. The presentation will take you to our current findings.