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Crowdfunding SENSORICA lab

This is a page for sensoricans to coordinate efforts for the the current crowdfunding campaign on GoGetFunding. This page is not linked from any other page on this website. All sensoricans should be able to edit this page.  

Important stuff


Log your time and a % of the funding (to be determined by consensus) will pay you for your time after the funds are received.
Moreover, the campaign perks are designed so that a part of it goes to you.
You also gain reputation and more influence in the community by taking care of important community affairs, which will open other possibilities in the near future in other remunerated projects.

This campaign is linked to SENSORICA’s custodian’s Paypal account. This is the same account used on the Support us page.
This Paypal account is linked to the Caisse Desjardins account of the custodian.
You have access to monthly statements here.

Communication happens on Slack

Schedule of media actions

Instructions: You can take initiative to write a blog, write a FB or LinkedIn post or tweet something about SENSORICA in order to promote our crowdfunding campaign. The best way to do it is to provide original and interesting content! Let others know about your initiative in advance, share with them your content and invite them to help you.  

Recent List Items

November 15, 2016 Tibi Publish the intent to write an eBook about the p2p economy as a campaign update and propagate on social media. This is in relation to a specific perk.  Created a website for this initiative. Continued to gather support from the larger p2p community.  
November 18, 2016 Humberto, King, Tibi, Jim Make a short video using the content from the OuiShare blockchain event and propagate it on social media, targeting those who might be interested in the 150$ ''blockchain Hangout'' perk, delivered by Jim.  Jim and Tibi have the content. Tibi needs a better computer for video editing.   
November 30, 2016 King  Create a press release about the SENSORICA's crowdfunding campaign.  starting in a day or two  
November 14, 2016 Tibi and Jim Publish a campaign update on GoGetFunding and propagate on social media, about Une Nouvelle Facon D'apprendre.  Tibi completed this task. Abran provides feedback.  
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Schedule of local events

Instructions: please search the web for local events and plan an activity to propote our crowdfunding campaign. Perhaps you already have an event in mind that you want to go to. Enter the event in the list below by clicking the red link [you need edit access to edit the website], or ask others to do it. 

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Recent List Items

October 27, 2016 Tibi, Jim, Humberto Presenting blockchain at OuiShare event, 6pm. We will post a link to the crowdfunding campaign on the presentation and inform people about it. Create content and propagate it on social media.   
November 30, 2016 Mike Organize a meetup event   
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