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Collaborative entrepreneurship

See also Traditional Entrepreneurship

This page contains tools to guide you with collaborative entrepreneurship activities. As a SENSORICA active affiliate you can use these tools to set up your collaborative ventures. Other SENSORICA affiliates can assist you in your journey. 

  1. Create a collaborative venture
    1. Mapping of the value system
    2. Organisational structures
    3. Legal aspects
  2. Vision, Mission, Positioning
  3. Value proposition and path to contributors, prosumers, consumers and users
    1. Theory
    2. Analysis and segmentation of contributors' interests, prosumers, users/consumers needs and desires, demand
    3. Incentive systems
    4. Collaboration and competition  
  4. Outreach
    1. Theory
    2. Network/Community identity and culture
    3. Branding
    4. Communication strategy, channels, tools
    5. On-boarding
    6. Accommodation
  5. Resources
    1. Theory
    2. Human resources
    3. Assets
      1. Material
      2. Virtual
      3. Non-tangible
    4. Property regimes
    5. Tools: resource planning, assets management, accounting (see the NRP)
  6. Innovation strategy
    1. Theory
    2. Open source development, open science and open innovation vs closed development and intellectual property
    3. Tools: collaborative content (design, code, art, etc.)
  7. Operations
    1. Theory
    2. Planning
    3. Outreach
    4. Innovation and development
    5. Production
    6. Transactions: 
      1. Inward: supply, donations, lease, contributions 
      2. Outward: sales, distribution, services
      3. Internal: allocation, redistribution, property (regime) transfer
    7. Tools: resource planning, assets and process management, accounting (see the NRP)

See video recording of a discussion on the structure of the course

NOTE: At this moment we discuss about the structure of the course and about the pedagogy. A series of video recording of these discussions will be published soon. 

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