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Game theory

SENSORICA designs, produces and distributes open hardware. Moreover, SENSORICA is a for-benefit organization, i.e. active members contribute to value creation while expecting tangible and intangible benefits in return. In the actual economic environment some external agents are individualistic, opportunistic, and competitive rather than collaborative. Even though SENSORICA is open and even though benefits are proportional to contributions, which means that if one member contributes alone to a product the great majority of benefits go to him alone, some people still don't understand that it is in their advantage to join this network than going alone. In other words, for luck of a proper understanding, our efforts can be exploited by others, without any benefit returning to our active members. 

We are playing the open innovation game. In today's interconnected world, being open and transparent allows access to large scale dynamics, which can give SENSORICA a great advantage. Our goal is to reach a hyperinnovative state, to become an attractor for talent and resources. We need to understand how to play the open innovation game

Everything depends on the nature of products we build, as well as on the context in which the product is brought into existence and is distributed. Every situation defines a specific game. We need to understand what possible games we can play, to choose our games and learn how to play them well. Some games require more control over things we develop than others. We cannot play all games! We have some choices to make...     

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