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3D service ecosystem

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3D printing services

3D printing is the best technology for rapid prototyping, and even for small volume manufacturing, with the ability to customize every part. We can offer high precision 3D printing services, down to 50um resolution.   

Go from an idea to the real thing in one or two days. 

Since SENSORICA is an open network, we invite you to come to our lab and follow closely the prototyping process. We think that fast feedback is key to your success. 


3D modeling and product design services

Get help for your mechanical design or product design. 
SENSORICA affiliates have experience with Sketchup and Solidworks. 

Take a look at just a small sample of our work


3D video

You want to present your concepts or product-ideas? 
Video is now the most effective way to distribute your ideas. We can integrate your 3D representations into a 3D environment and create animated videos.

Course in 3D modeling and digital fabrication


In the summer 2014 we designed a complete course in 3D modeling and digital fabrication. You can arrange a course for your company, school or local community and we are more than happy to help. 

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3D events

You want to expose your company, school, community to the new wave of digital fabrication? We are more than happy to work with you to organize an event to present different technologies, how digital fabrication is changing our economy, and how business models are adapting to it. 

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