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Consultancy and Education services

SENSORICA affiliates offer different services for education and consultancy. 

SENSORICA offers pro bono services if you have a good reason. Fill the form below and tell us if you are looking for a pro bono intervention. We will evaluate your request and will come back to you in a timely manner.  

Open innovation, open networks, crowd interface

SENSORICA affiliates are Canada's best specialists in open innovation and commons-based peer production. 
  • We help organisations define open innovation strategies and implement open innovation programs. 
  • We help businesses to adapt their models during the surge of the networked and collaborative economy.
  • We help governmental organisations interface with the crowd and adopt participatory practices.  
  • We help entrepreneurs to build the enterprise of the future. 

Our past consultation papers

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Consultation on 3D printing 

(technology and business models)

If you think it's time for you to learn more about 3D printing we can walk you through that journey.
You can start with the Introductory seminar on digital fabrication
Optionally, follow with the In-depth exploration of the available technology
If you need more, higher us for Consultation for business model development

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