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Education activities for kids

3D Modeling and Printing

 Activity  Description Price 
 Full day 3D modeling and printing

10 to 15 kids
 The day starts by introducing the kids to the magic world of 3D printing, to simple techniques that will allow them to turn their imagination into physical objects. The next stage, we will show them how to use the Internet to find fun 3D models that they can download, modify and print. Viewing all these cool models will raise their interest to dive into modeling. We will introduce the kids to simple 3D modeling programs. In small groups, they will download a 3D model of an object of their choice, and modify it using the 3D program. Once they get the idea, it's 3D printing time! Kids love to see their 3D models come to reality. While the 3D printer is running, we teach them a few basic concepts to understand the process, and the mechanics of the printer. At the end of the day, every kid will leave with a 3D printed object.   300$

Extra changes might be applied for transportation and 3D printing material
 2-3 hours 3D modeling and printing

10 to 15 kids

Renewable Energy

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