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Education and consultancy services

SENSORICA affiliates offer different services for education and consultancy. 

Open Value Networks and Open Innovation consultancy

Any type of venture can be modeled as a value network. We specialize in building open value networks, which are designed to funnel resources (funding, space, equipment, talent, ...) from whatever they might be on the planet, using a mix of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, to value creation activities. 

SENSORICA affiliates have gained a lot of knowledge and valuable experience with open innovation. What is your open source strategy? Following the development of open source software, open source hardware has become unavoidable in product development. Do your business model and your strategy take that into accont?

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Consultation on 3D printing technology and business models

If you think it's time for you to learn more about 3D printing we can walk you through that journey.
You can start with the Introductory seminar on digital fabrication. Optionally, follow with the In-depth exploration of the available technology. If you need more, higher us for Consultation for business model development

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3D printing services

Course in 3D modeling and digital fabrication


In the summer 2014 we designed a complete course in 3D modeling and digital fabrication. You can arrange a course for your company, school or local community and we are more than happy to help.


3D events

You want to expose your company, school, community to the new wave of digital fabrication? We are more than happy to work with you to organize an event to present different technologies, how digital fabrication is changing our economy, and how business models are adapting to it.

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3D video

Video is now the most effective way to distribute your ideas. We can integrate your 3D representations into a 3D environment and create animated movies. 

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  Video produced by Daniel

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