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Crowd-Sourced Hardware Development

SENSORICA specializes in crowd-sourced hardware development and open innovation strategies. 
This means that you save over 50% in R&D costs.

Leverage our vast network to reduce your R&D costs by getting the right specialist working on your project today. Over the past 6 years, SENSORICA has developed partnerships with academic institutions and industry leading companies to develop open source scientific instrument, IoT and blockchain applications. SENSORICA helps you build sustainable products with greater adoption and diffusion rates. 

SENSORICA's methodology

 Milestone  Description  Deliverables  Duration  Price
 1. Overview  Extensive overview of existing open source and patented technologies (designs, prototypes, products) and communities relevant to the project, and gathering support from relevant specialists in and outside our network.  Overview report   1 to 2 months  $2,500
 2. Design considerations  The main requirements of the product will be discussed. Various components will be evaluated for their suitability for functional and operational requirements, throughout the life-cycle of the product. The overall architecture will be outlined.  Design Considerations report  1 to 2 months  $3,000
 3. Design  A formal design will be produced, incorporating all the Design considerations.  Design files and a comprehensive report.  1 to 5 months
 depending on the complexity of the project
 4. Prototyping  A working physical prototype will be produced, based on the design created in Milestone 3. This prototype will be sent to the costumer for testing, and feedback will be reintroduced into the Design process to eventually produce a better version.    A physical prototype will be shipped to the client, accompanied by a report and manuals.   1 to 5 months
 depending on the complexity of the project
 5. Productization & Business Model  We work closely with the manufacturer to produce a final design
We will advise the client on business models that leverage open innovation. The goal is to help the client implement an open innovation strategy, establishing an open innovation pipeline that will provide the client a first-to-market advantage, and a stable distribution.  
Design files, a comprehensive R&D report, manuals, open innovation strategy advice document. 1 to 5 months
 depending on the complexity of the project

  1. The client can stop the relation with SENSORICA after any milestone. 
  2. An advanced payment might be charged before starting a new milestone. 
  3. The R&D reports will be released under a Creative Commons license and will be made available to the SESORICA network for remix in future work. 
  4. All the designs produced by SENSORICA will be released under an open source license. Some arrangements can be made with the client for reduced transparency or delayed publication of the core designs. SENSORICA will assist the client with the open innovation strategy through CAKE.

Methodology and Governance
  1. Announce the service request to the SENSORICA community
  2. Coordinate with the Sponsor / Client to understand the service request
  3. Use the Open Innovation Partnership Agreement Template to formalize the relationship with the Sponsor / Client
  4. Transfer Workplan to NRP (requires help from an experience SENSORICA affiliate, see How to create a new project)
  5. Create Project Governance and Benefit redistribution docs. 
  6. Begin project.