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Urban agriculture services

Under construction... THIS IS A PLACE HOLDER FOR NOW... to be used by those who take initiative to develop these services. 

We are forming a team of self-driven individuals that share a passion for urban agriculture and open source technology, to put together a series of services that they would run, as part of the SENSORICA community. 

  • Create an outreach strategy. 
  • Create promotional material.
  • Go through all our projects about food systems, find relevant information to use: projects, prototypes and kits that we have designed, to show people that at the SENSORICA Montreal lab they can find all that, plus equipment, materials, a space, and passionate people to help them execute their own projects. 
  • Contact people to come to the SENSORICA lab to build their own urban gardening solutions. Invite them to interact with our community in the Fablab mode, with the possibility to convert to SENSORICA affiliates. 
  • List other services that the SENSORICA lab can provide: technical support in electronics and software, 3D printing, etc. 
  • We can approach organizations, post on Facebook groups, send emails to friends, etc. 
  • Mention that we are also working with P3Permaculture, talk about courses in permaculture, workshops, etc.  
  • ...

This is YOUR page, if you want to take initiative. 

NOTE that there some sensoricans have already started a business plan for an Exchange Firm called GreenSense. 

If you are not a SENSORICA affiliate yet, please Contact the community for assistance. 
SENSORICA is a horizontal collective of freelancers that collaborate together and share the benefits according to everyone's contribution.  

NOTE: revenue generated through these services are shared among participants. 5% go to sustain the SENSORICA community and its infrastructure. 

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