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Blockchain access

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Evaluate block chain technology for managing access to physical resources. 
This project is funded by IRAP-CNRC
In collaboration with eVision and Living Labs Montreal

Custodian: CAKE

This project originated in OuishareMTL, continued with Living Labs Montreal, who brought in eVision, a local Montreal company with extensive experience with Government contracts and security clearance.


  • secured and interoperable access to physical spaces (sharing economy)
  • physical assets management (sharing economy & participatory economy)
  • add more...   

Short-term goals

  • create application study
  • build community for block chain applications for resource management
  • build a business case around access to shared spaces and shared assets management. 

Long-term goals

Crate application report


  • first progress report 
  • second progress report
  • final report


This project is funded! See value equation

See SENSORICA Business Model and Contribution Accounting System.

Tools, activities, and processes

Annotated online content- Diigo blockchainaccess_project
Planning and contribution accounting - NRP-CAS page
Project planning - Trello
Discussions - Forum
Shared links - Diigo
Mapping - Metamaps
Videos - Youtube
Code - Github

Skills and resources needed

  • Monax (Eris Industries) toolchain
  • General knowledge about blockchain technology and Ethereum
  • Solidity "smart contract" programming
  • Javascript
  • Node Js
  • Meteor
  • NFC
  • Outreach, facilitation and coordination
  • Documentation

Contact us if you want to contribute!



Submitted proof of concept.


Role map


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