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3D printer CAS

Log your contributions

Log non-production work

Non production work is work that doesn't have a clear deliverable associated with it. Examples are office work, meetings, facilitation, coordination, etc. 
Go to the non-production log page (you must be logged in), enter date, activity, choose one of the sub-projects of the 3D printer project, like Micro3D printer, ArtrOrica, or Artro3D. If your work is general chose 3D printer project. Add short description and link (if necessary), and press SAVE. You can enter multiple activities before you press SAVE. See picture below. 

Log production work

Production work has a deliverable - work done on a design, prototype of manufacturing.

Micro3D printer - prototyping process

ArtrOrica 3D printer  - prototyping and manufacturing process

This is a new prototype that Serge, Tibi and Jean Guy are working on. 
To log all kinds of contributions, Open process Make ArtrOrica 3D printer prototype

Artro3D printer  - prototyping process

Resource Type and Process structure

Project page in NRP-CAS
Live data from CAS - open all contributions page
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