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Leash Control

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A common problem for dog owners is: while walking their dogs the dogs pull the leash too hard dragging the owners along. Many dog owners desire an effective way to control their furry companion.  A device that would emit a signal when there is a certain level of traction effort in the leash can solve this problem. The signal will have to be converted to a sound the dog can hear. With some training the dog would obey the signal from the device.

  • the life of the devise (period of operations) in the order of years
  • the device should function properly in all weather conditions: below freezing temperatures, over 100 F temperature, dry or humid weather, rain, snow, etc.
  • the signal for the dog should be identical every time is being generated.
  • when the device generates the signal the dog handler should be notified as well (sound or led light).
  • considerations to be given as the dog will not be able to chew or swallow the device or get harmed by doing so.


  • When the dog is walked, if the dog starts to pull too strong on the leash the devise would emit a signal that ultimately will instruct the dog to slow down/not to pull leash as hard.
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Short-term goals

  • brainstorm for the best solution
  • create a prototype
  • test prototype
  • with feedback from testing re-iterate "improved prototype/testing" until product is marketable.

Long-term goals

  • build a small batch (one or two dozen devices) and sell through a dog trainer to her clients.
  • analyze feedback from real client use if the product is ready for larger scale production or needs improvement
  •  bring product to market


  • have a prototype
  • successfully test prototype
  • sell first batch
  • bring product to market


Tiberius Brastaviceanu

Radu Seserman

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Tools, activities, and processes

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Skills and resources needed

Basic electronics for prototyping, Arduino
Basic software - Arduino

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