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2D strain transducer

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This project is on hold now...


Create an optical 2D strain transducer for surface profiling of strain and vibration. 
The principle behind the device are now in the public domain, it cannot be patented! 

Applications of evanescent wave transducer 

  • Aeronautics
  • add more...   

Short-term goals

  • Design a first prototype
  • Build and test this prototype  

Long-term goals

[list long-term goals]


  • Find the proper material
  • Characterize this material
  • Perform preliminary proof of concept experiments 


Conceptualization phase

Who's involved

Tibi for now. 
[This list will be replaced with a UI/script which will automatically pull info from the activity log, and display members
involved and their relative contribution. See infrastructure activity cluster for more on infrastructure development.]


This project is about creating another sensor. We're in the initial conceptualization stage. Contributions to this project will carry on for the entire lifetime of the product. By contributing, you earn equity, which will be translated into revenue once the product reached the market. See SENSORICA Business Model and Contribution Accounting System. 

Tools, activities, and processes

  • Communication: the project is just starting, there is no specific communication channel, we use the SENSORICA technical mailing list. 
  • A folder for this specific project was created under SENSORICA/Projects
  • A folder for this specific project was created under SENSORICA/Literature, containing relevant papers. 
  • Document describing this transducer   
  • Items in our Diigo knowledge base will be tagged: 2D transducer 

Skills and resources needed

  • Optics

Contact us if you want to contribute!