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Constriction transducer

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Design and product constriction transducers for our displacement/force sensing instruments. 


  • It is used in the Mosquito sensor, see applications.
  • Used in the flow sensor [create project page, link here]

Short-term goals

  • Build a first transducer and test it with the new Mosquito.
  • characterize mechanical and sensing properties. 

Long-term goals

  • Build a semi-automated fabrication device


  • Figure out the fabrication technique
  • Perform characterization to bring it in spec for bio-medical applications at the cellular level. See Mosquito applications

Who's involved

Tactus (Francois), Tibi, Jonathan, Joel...
[This list will be replaced with a UI/script which will automatically pull info from the activity log, and display members
involved and their relative contribution. See infrastructure activity cluster for more on infrastructure development.]


Revenue will be generated by selling transducers. Transducers are consumables, they have a finite life-time and they need to be replaced from time to time. Transducers are used in the Mosquito, and other systems that integrate the Mosquito. 
    • All members involved in design and prototyping of the transducer will be compensated from the income generated by sales, in proportion with their involvement. Any future improvement of theconstriction transducer will be accounted for.
    • Members taking part in designing and building the semi-automated manufacturing device to assemble our transducers will also have a cut from the revenue generated by every transducer sold. 
    • Members involved in the manufacturing process will get compensated according to the amount of time they put in for every batch of transducers sold.    

Tools, activities, and processes

Project folder in database: SENSORICA/PROJECTS/Mosquito/Constriction transducer
Use tag constriction_transducer for our Diigo knowledge base

Skills and resources needed

  • We need electrical and mechanical engineers to build the semi-automated manufacturing device to assemble our transducers. 
  • We need partners to build a fiber coating device. 
  • We also need testing and quality control devices as well as calibration devices.

Contact us if you want to contribute!


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  • Glass fiber constriction studies using the LED 850nm Mosquito Open to editOpen to edit
    Posted May 10, 2013, 5:14 PM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu
  • Constriction transducer from PMMA fiber Today, Joel continued the work on the PMMA fiber constriction device. He completed and tested the oven containing an omega-shaped nikel-chromium alloy wire. Previously, Joel wrote the manual ...
    Posted Apr 11, 2013, 1:16 PM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu
  • Constriction transducers reach the sensitivity of the joint-type Last week Tibi made a few constriction transducers using the fiber splicer, which are as sensitive as the joint-type. Two of them were brought to Phil's lab, and ...
    Posted Oct 24, 2013, 10:10 AM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu
  • A device for constriction fabrication Tibi and Jonathan are modifying an old optical fiber splicer to fabricate the constriction transducer. The idea is to use a platinum filament to locally heat the glass fiber very ...
    Posted Sep 13, 2012, 7:46 AM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu
  • Work party During the last work party on Mars 07, 2012, we discovered that we needed to use a platinum alloy as heating element. We acquired a sample to test and it ...
    Posted Mar 26, 2012, 9:14 PM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu
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