Mosquito characterization system being installed

posted Aug 31, 2012, 5:38 PM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu   [ updated Sep 3, 2012, 8:53 AM ]
The system needed to characterize the Mosquito sensor is being installed in Phil's lab. Last Wednesday Ivan prepared the working space and, with some help from Tibi, mounted the first iteration of the system used to perform mechanical characterization of the joint-type transducer

working space in the lab, the system can be seen in the left corner

workspace at Phil's lab

The first test will be about stiffness. We'll use calibrated weights attached to the optical fiber to measure the bending of the fiber, using a micron precision ruler. The picture below shows the ruler (vertical) and the lever of the force transducer (horizontal on the right).

optical fiber (horizontal) next to a micron-precision ruler. The ruler is 1mm long, large gradations are 100 microns each, 1 micron gradations aren't so visible in this picture. We are using a 8Mpixel webcam with a 10X microscope objective.

In the picture below we have the entire system, in its first iteration form. It consists of a multi-axis micromanipulator (blue) to hold the force transducer, which is placed in between a microscope objective and the micron-precision ruler. We use a 8mp digital camera behind the microscope objective. The micron-precision ruler is also placed on a  multi-axis micromanipulator.

The characterization system

The same day, Tibi worked on the LabView program. We are using the platform already developed by Tibi. A new version of the Mosquito program was installed, which contains all the modules necessary to perform the characterization, including data conditioning and analysis tools. This MosquitoFull version is going to be completely operational next week.    

At the same time, Ivan and Daniel are moving full steam with the 3D modeling of different parts of the system, including the physiological bath.

Next week we are planning to make the Mosquito fully operational, by connecting all the electronics and the NI DAQ card.

Jonathan is moving on the construction of the xyz micromanipulation system. All the parts have arrived.