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Radial transducer

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Create a new type of force/displacement transducer based on fiber optics technology, capable of measuring radial forces with different degrees of spatial resolution, radially and transversally. 

Short-term goals

  • Build 3D (virtual) models of different concepts
  • Find a partner for developing and testing these sensors, perhaps at McGill University
  • 3D print some of these concepts at larger scale as physical models to test mechanical properties and to use for presentations
  • Design the micro-fabrication process 

Long-term goals

  • Build a few prototypes in collaboration, test and characterize them
  • Productize these new sensors 
  • Find a medical device integrator partner to design, manufacture, and distribute devices using this new type of sensors


  • Find partner for development
  • Build prototype, test and characterize  
  • Find partner for manufacturing and commercialization  


Conceptual work and 3D modeling under way.


Active membersTactus, Tibi and Daniel for conceptualization and 3D modeling. Dominic for product development and market assessment.
Partners: Kampala International University. 
[This list will be replaced with a UI/script which will automatically pull info from the activity log, and display members
involved and their relative contribution. See infrastructure activity cluster for more on infrastructure development.]
live data from the contribution accounting system


Revenue will first be generated from academic research grants and after by selling transducers and other devices. Transducers are consumables, they have a finite life-time and they need to be replaced from time to time. These transducers will be integrated into scientific and medical devices. 
  • All members involved in design and prototyping of the transducer will be compensated directly form the R&D grants during the development phase. 
  • Further down, income will be generated from sales and it will be distributed in proportion with everyone's involvement. Any future improvement of the radial transducer will be accounted for.
See SENSORICA Business Model and Contribution Accounting System. 

Tools, activities, and processes

For now all activities for this project are bundled with the other general activities. As the project develops we'll allocate a separate space for communication and coordination, a separate folder in our database, and so on.

Skills and resources needed

  • We need members with skills and resources for 2D printing of photonics devices on flexible polymers.  
  • We need mechanical engineers for the micro-fabrication process. 
  • In the short term we'll need a 3D printing facility to print some large scale models for proof of concept of mechanical properties.  

Contact us if you want to contribute!

3D modeling by Daniel Brastaviceanu