Welcome to our Partners' Page for the Optical Fiber Coating project  

   Proof of Concept & Product Design

We paved the way for an automated process through a series of experiments on wet silver coating of PMMA and glass optical fibers.

This new process will speed up your prototyping and low-volume manufacturing. 

The next phase is to design and optimize two turnkey coating devices for wet silver coating and metal evaporation coating

These devices will be capable of coating single [optical] fibers at low cost, within minutes. 

   Contribute and Gain Access to: 

  • Coating Devices and Services at cost price 
  • Technology and Know-How months before the general public!

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Project Schedule, Deliverables & Cost Estimates for 3 Phases 
  • Phase 1 Coating process optimization
    • Deliverable: optimized coating process
    • Estimated budget $15,000
  • Phase 2 Prototyping 
    • Deliverable: working device prototype
    • Estimated budget $20,000
  • Phase 3 Product design & manufacturing process 
    • Deliverable: coating device and services 
    • Estimated budget $15,000