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Plastic Recycling Robotic Arm

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The objective of this project is to build a product that recycles waste plastic and utlize it to make new plastic products. The product combines three existing open source projects: the shredder and extruder of Precious Plastic, and the robotic arm of Evezor. Waste plastic is shredded into small flakes, which pass through the extruder that turns them into filaments. The filaments are adopted by the robotic arm to 3D print new plastic parts. Since the final product is a child of three different products, each of the three products may be used separately for their unique speciality. 

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Short-term goals

  • Budget Analysis for the parts required to build the three machines: Shredder, extruder, and Evezor
  • Find manufacturing partners 
  • Building the first prototype

Long-term goals

  • Offer an affordable plastic recycling machine.
  • Design a line of parts and products to be built by this machine


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Shredder budget analysis is complete.

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