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Robot finger

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Design and build low cost optical fiber-based flex and tactile sensors for robotic applications. Give robots proprioception, kinesthetic awareness and tactile sense

This project uses the output of 


  • Robotics
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Short-term goals

Long-term goals

Build a simple robotic application where we can demonstrate feedback from flex sensors and force sensors.




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Tools, activities, and processes

  • Documents: see folder SENSORICA/PROJECTS/Robot finger
  • Diigo knowledge base use tag robot_finger_project
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Skills and resources needed

  • Programming - controller, desktop applications and android applications
  • Electronics design - optimize the detection system
  • Mechanics - integrate the sensitive optical fiber into robotic limbs or gloves.  
  • Photonics - optimize the bend-sensitive optical fiber, build modular device for multiple entries. 
  • Market development - write the path to market
  • Coordinator - help develop this project 

Contact us if you want to contribute!

Second prototype made by Jonathan


New results were obtained with the intrinsic fiber

First prototype made by Tibi

PMMA fiber scoring device - design by Kevin and finished by Daniel.

The grooved 1mm diameter PMMA fiber sensor was first tested in early 2011 by Tibi and Ivan at McGill University. See video below.