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Robot finger path to market

A market study and marketing plan is under way. For more, contact Tony, Francois, Tibi or Soufiane


  1. 1 Rough plan

Rough plan

We are now exploring DIY communities. The idea is to test the PMMA fiber transducer with a few applications in robotics. For the moment, our focus is on Sparkfun as a distributor. 

This main idea is to mature our technology with the DIY community. Moreover, SENSORICA doesn't integrate expertise in robotics. We hope that if we build bridges between SENSORICA and open communities in robotics some talent and know how will flow into our network. 

In order to integrate the Sparkfun DIY community, we need to make our sensor compatible with their platform. Almost everyone in this community builds applications based on the Arduino microcontroller. We are adjusting our value proposition by adapting our optical fiber-based sensing technology for this platform. 

Robot finger market study