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Sensor Stack CAS

Log your contributions

Log non-production work

Non production work is work that doesn't have a clear deliverable associated with it. Examples are office work, meetings, facilitation, coordination, etc. 

Go to the non-production log page (you must be logged in), enter date, activity, and chose Sensor stack *** project. Add short description and a link (if necessary), and press SAVE. You can enter multiple activities before you press SAVE.  

Log production work

Production work has a deliverable - work done on a design, prototype of manufacturing.

Resource types and processes structure

What is a Resource Type?
What is a Process? 

Resources made by affiliates to the project

R&D - hardware development
  • Sensor stack product - refers to a product description doc and a recipe
    • Sensor stack prototype - refers to an R&D document
      • Sensor stack Electronics
        • Sensor stack electronic prototype - refers to an R&D document - click HERE to log contributions around electronics prototyping
          • Sensor stack electronic design - refers to a design file - click HERE to log contributions around electronics design
      • Sensor stack Mechanics
        • Sensor stack mechanical prototype - refers to an R&D document
          • Sensor stack mechanical design - refers to a 3D CAD file
Software development
  • Sensor stack software - click HERE to log time spent around software development
Community, business, admin

Go HERE to log your time spent on activities like meetings, documenting, networking, business building, etc. 
  • Sensor stack funding
    • Sensor stack Crowdfunding - this initiative is not activated yet
  • SENSORICA lab 
  • SENSORICA website

Represented by a Resource Type in CAS
NOT Represented by a Resource Type in CAS
SS = sensing system

Project page in NRP-CAS

Live data from CAS open all contributions page

Official project benefit redistribution algorithm