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Scientific Instrument System

If you like what you see, don't just copy our technology, join SENSORICA. It is in your best interest! Here's why

This project was initiated by the same guys who made the Penguin fly!


Build a scientific grade instrument used in physiological and medical studies to probe dynamic mechanical properties of biological systems, from organs to sub-cellular structures. This system uses the Mosquito force/displacement sensor with different types of transducers.  
They are all variations of optical fiber-based displacement/force transducer, point-contact, unidirectional and transversal (see classification)

Other products designed and produced by SENSORICA are also integrated in this system, like the Mantis, the DAQ card, the Physiological bath, the Mounting frame, etc. 

3D model done by Daniel. All these parts are already designed and prototyped
The system would be provided with all necessary components for sample manipulation, a container for physiological media in which experiments are performed, a visualization system, and software for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and management. 

See more on this document


Developed a partnership with Montreal Heart Institute for testing the Mosquito.

Short-term goals

  • Build the entire system. Almost done. 
  • Test and characterize transducers. In progress at Montreal Heart Institute
  • Perform proof of concept and philological experiments. In progress at Montreal Heart Institute 
  • Produce a few scientific publications with data produced by our system. This will give our system exposure and the credibility to address the market.
  • Test the Mosquito SS4 with different types of transducers. 

Long-term goals

  • Deploy our system on the world market. 
  • Build teams of specialists in different key locations around the world to insure installation and support.    


  • First sale!

See how the partnership with Montreal Heart Center is going.   
We are also working on our partnership with OPTECH Montreal


Active members
    • Technical level Tactus (Ivan), Jonathan, Frederic, and Tibi
    • 3D modeling Daniel . 
    • Business relations and branding Tactus (Francois). 
    • Manufacturing: Frederic
    • Felix Blyakhman, Biomedical Physics and Engineering Department, Ural State University
    • Maksim Skorobogatiy, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
    • OPTECH Montreal, Cegep Andre Laurendeau 


Tools, activities, and processes

See the Mosquito project for more. 

Skills and resources needed

Electrical engineering

  • Our short-term plans are to move away from proprietary hardware.  

Mechanical engineering

  • We need to work on the portable scientific instrument.
  • We also need some help to integrate the sensor with all the hardware into a hand-held device (3D model coming soon).  


We are now offering a generic and modular automation software (LabView 8.5) that integrates imaging, motion, dosing, and data acquisition devices. This program was also extended for data characterization, data conditioning, and data analysis. It was written  by Tibi and is offered through the IAC, an open community. Our short-term goal is to move away from proprietary platforms like LabView and to use only open source. We'll start with a simple program for data acquisition and control. We are already looking at ImageJ and microManager, and others.  

Sales and marketing 

Contact us if you want to contribute!