Manipulators CAS

Resource Types structure

Physical prototypes

NOTE: Open links and search for the thing you are working on. Once you open that thing, search for a process that you might want to open to log your own work. 
See project's page on the NRP

Software development

Resource type is Computer program prototype. Open it and see if you find the program you are working on. 
  • If so, click on it and find Process at the bottom of the page. Open that too and log your contributions there. 
  • If you don't find the program you have a few choices. 
    • The simplest one is to click create resource button, and create a new resource. After that, go towards the bottom and press the button to create process. That creates a process in the system that represents the creation of the computer program. You log your contributions in the process after you've created it. 
    • A better but more complex way is to Plan work directly from the Computer program prototype page. You can also plan from the Demand page.  Chose Software development as pattern, chose project and create the plan.   

NRP-CAS pages

NOTE: The Manipulator project has a few sub-projects, which are projects themselves. 

Low cost and long range piezo buzzer manipulator

The Mantis

Piezo motor

The entire Manipulators project

Live data from CAS - open all contributions page

Official project benefit redistribution algorithm