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Matrioshka collaboration space

If you like what you see, don't just copy our technology, join SENSORICA. It is in your best interest! Here's why.


The project is about building the economic support around the Matrioshka prototype for local distribution and service. 

Matrioshka is an outdoor interactive, artistic and functional hardware furniture, which brings several functions and technologies/sensors embedded, and offers numerous possibilities of collaboration with artist, software engineers and other backgrounds people.

The launch market is "event sponsorship" and "Art/Cultural installation".

Products: interactive and smart public spaces, urban furniture that supplies its own energy and connectivity.

Main collaboration space



The Matrioshka project was launched by Quatorze and it was brought to Montreal at Eco2Fest2016, organized by OuiShare Quebec. SENSORICA played an active role in this event, and provided materials and technical support to the Matrioshka project. After Eco2Fest2016, Tanguy took the initiative to commercialize the Matrioshka in Montreal, forging a deeper collaboration between SENSORICA and Quatorze. Other partners were brought into the venture subsequently.  


The Matrioshka project is participatory: people contribute to the project in exchange of sweat equity, which will provide access to benefits. 

For the moment, log your contributions HERE

NOTE: The chart above could be drowing incomplete data, from our Value Equation sandbox. We are installing an NRP-VAS for the project. We are also working on the benefit redistribution agreements. 

Tools, Coordination and Facilitation

Open Slack - need to be invited
See pictures on Google Photos


  • Matrioshka presented at Plein Feux, Montreal Smart City event A new Matrioshka prototype was presented at Pleins Feux, a Montreal Smart City event, on February 8th, 2917. Montreal's mayor sees the MatrioshkaIn preparation, past eventsFirst prototype ...
    Posted Feb 21, 2017, 3:51 PM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu
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Matrioshka presented at Plain Feux, Montreal Smart City event

Montreal's mayor sees the Matrioshka

Matrioshka, large version, in Paris, France

Matrioshka, Small version, at the SENSORICA Montreal lab

Matrioshka, Small version, folds into a box!

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