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Purchase the Matrioshka


Matrioshka in Kit

Only tested models are available in kits. 
There are 3 sizes available, which  come with the standard functionalities: solar power energy capacity for electric devices, and a wifi router - for Mesh network configuration. 
  • A small size: it fits on a parking spot. Very easy to deploy for a pop-up event for instance, or if you own a terrace and want to bring more comfort, create a curiosity for your clients, and communicate values.
    Note that it's also a great size for your own garden. You will like working outside, enjoy the sun, or impress your neighbors.
    Fits for up to 6 pers (2 pers per aisle)
  • A medium size (see it in action here): You have a bit more space, that's the ideal pick. People will notice it more easily, it's also more social as more people fit around. It's also a better option for branding (see Pimp your Matrioshka below), or to use the empty space in the middle.  
    Fits for up to 8 people
  • A large size (see it in action here): great when you have a lot of space. It becomes a real landmark and can serve a large group of people. Branding will be highly visible, and can really start thinking to custom experiences for you audience. It's actually the best option to start a custom interactive art/entertainment project with us.
    Fits for up to 12 people

Custom interactive art or Entertainment installation

You want to bring an exclusive experience to your clients or citizens ? Improve the attraction and life of your public space or event ? You want people to talk about it ?
Our skilled and extended innovation network is here to help you create a stunning concept and realize it. It will be unique. Mixing latest technologies with IoT and art into the functional design of Matrioshka and its surrounding environment. 
According to your needs, we can design a Matrioshka just for you, using adapted materials and interactivity.

Collective intelligence is the silver bullet to outperform your expectations. 
 Our network has already experienced designers, engineers, artists, software developers, project managers along with great manufacturing and industrial partners on-board. And we have the capacity to extend very quickly and easily.

Note that this custom capacity is also good for indoor projects, as design may adapt.

Pimp your Matrioshka (options)

We offer a bunch of options that you may like to have with your Matrioshka.
  • Branding: dress your matrioshka with skins
  • Audience measuring : know who is around, how they interact with the Matrioshka and your environment. Empower data with access to dashboards, graphs and reporting.
  • Design evolution: discuss your constraints or wishes with us. Is it about adding specific services/tool/machine in the empty space at the center of Matrioshka (coffee machine, water tank, ...), or review materials due to specific constraints (e.g: weather, temperature, ...), or space constraints ? We are on it.
  • Other crazy ideas ? Name it and we may probably find a solution for you.   

Corporate training / team building. Build it with your peers.

You want to bring a new experience in team buildings ? Bring people in a complete different world for a benchmark/training experience ? Want to share and emphasize the potential of open innovation ? Any other purpose ? 

You may like the opportunity to bring your peers to build a Matrioshka by yourselves - assisted by us, and take advantage of a great momentum for team building or corporate training. We are here to discuss your objectives, let us know.

Want to build it yourself ?

It's an opensource project, refer to the plans, and start making your own Matrioshka using the various and awesome fablab capacities of your town. You can also ask for assistance to our team, we will be happy to help you with our best advises.


Have some questions ? Want to discuss a project idea or some needs you face. We are here to help. And don't forget, Matrioshka is one of our project, but it comes with a whole innovative and artistic experienced community capacities. 
For any inquiries please contact the following person: 

Tanguy Bordaz
(514) 625-9376