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Grant writing

This page helps SENSORICA affiliates and other partners to coordinate and collaborate on grant proposals. 

Get started!

Do you want to write a grant for you and SENSORICA? See the procedure.

Methodology - workflow recipe

Link to methodology template in NRP-VAS

Current initiatives

Funding initiatives 2017

Open main doc

Collaboration handled by SENSORICA

Verdun project grant - in collaboration with OuiShare Montreal

  • To DEC - accepted in principle
  • To MESI - submitted, waiting answer in October 2013 
Projet d’automatisation de production de champignons gourmets

Collaboration handled by partners

  • Breathing Games - see proposal (access might be restricted, ask Tibi, Pov or Fabio). Status - under review. 
  • AI, IoT, blockchain Super cluster (announced on mailing listask Tibi). Status - under review.

Sensorica only grants

DEC Grant lead by SENSORICA- Not awarded

Dormant initiatives

DEC Grant lead by SENSORICA- We'll go back to it after the Verdun project will be funded, mostly for the IT infrastructure part. 

Successful past grant applications

Grands lead by SENSORICA

Grants lead by partners