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Outreach for India

   I am enthused at being part of our Outreach Effort for India.  I took the initiative to set up a page in the Sensorica.co NRP/VAS, so that we can properly collaborate on this important and much needed effort.  One of the greatest advantages that a structure such as contained in Sensorica.co, is that it is completely open and auditable, we essentially do not keep anything hidden.  As with our Open Sourced Creative Commons, Share and Share alike Hardware, our ideas and resources can follow the same methodology.

   I was introduced to Sensorica.co in Mid December of last year, during a hack-a-thon, that lasted 30 hours, where we essentially put together mix and remix style.  The Optical Soil Moisture Sensor was born.

Project Discription


The main technical document


    This is the magic of Open Collaboration where hardware that was previously created by the Brastaviceanu Brothers, that was lying around the Sensorica Montreal Lab, was noticed by  Abran Khalid, who happened to be visiting Sensorica Montreal Lab and myself,as something that could be potentially important for Precision Agriculture.  Then in four days at the beginning of January t!b! and had put together a functioning Optical Soil Moisture Sensor, which the results were immediately shared and protected by Creative Commons Licensing, Share and Share Alike.  We had essentially democratized our own innovations leaving it Open to the World.