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It is my contention that since James Watt the inventor of the steam engine, ushered in the Industrial revolution in England in 1750, every economy had to evolve through the manufacturing stage, and through out history with various work camps to the modern age sweatshops, Industrialization is seen as a necessary evil.  This process is extremely disruptive as the the participants in the Agrarian Economy are drawn to manufacturing jobs in the cities that are growing at an increasingly rapid rate, where the infrastructure is often unable to keep up with the rapid growth.  This has been repeated many times throughout history.  India had tried to change this trend, by  proceeding a few steps forward by actively building and supporting the infrastructure in the Information Technology sector.  It is not nearly enough to absorb all of this excess human capital.  I believe industrialization is a necessary evil on the road to producing goods and services that are required, to produce value and intellectual knowledge.

With the deployment of the Open Contribution Accounting system and open source technology, we can perhaps mitigate the effects of this transformation, by distributing and monetizing equitably each individual players work.  This will essentially prevent any individual or entity from gaining an advantage of monopolizing the fruits of anyone's labor.  We can also prevent the incidence of corruption, by having a rigid frame work to prevent corruption.  Also with the mix and remix of Open Source hardware that is outside of the traditional Intellectual patent infrastructure, ideas and innovations will be democratized and free from any monopolistic intervention.

The agricultural industry has used tried and true methods trough out its history.

A Pre-feasability study to explore the integration of inherent resources contained within the Sensorica.co ecosystem, and the leverage of Peer2Peer networks and crowdsourcing of resources, to produce a complete package that can utilized for (Corporate Social Responsability) mandates.

In the case of India, the Indian government mandated that 2% of net profits over the last 3 years of a certain size, are mandated to contribute to CSR activities, which also includes Multinational corporations, with significant operations in India.

There can be a significant opportunity of providing a turn key solution, for CSR Mandates, employing inherent resources contained in the Sensorican Community such as:

The Sensorica NRP which is essentially a fork of a Corporate ERP but modified to support a varied network which is the Sensorican peer2peer network.

The Sensorica CAS (contribution Accounting system) which provides human resources support for the Peer2Peer network.  This supports our novel Horizontally Hierarchical structure that is naturally aligned with

Open Source Hardware that is Creative Commons protected, by share and Share alike. licensing.  enabling the network to mix and remix currently Open innovations, to creat living and evolving hardware that is supported by a diverse network.

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Short-term goals

To integrate our model into the CSR reporting requirements.  the client can have concrete benefits such as:

Relatively low cost of implementation.

Relative ease of auditing, and verifying accountability and progress through the use of milestones.

A turnkey solution for their CSR mandates.

Entrepreneurial incubation, developing a plethora of skills that can serve India in the future.

Sourcing of potential innovative talent. that would perhaps be overlooked during the traditional human resource selection.

Sourcing for low unit volume engineering work, that would not be worthwhile going through the traditional Intellectual, to protect something that would have a limited market potential.

Fablabs have the potential of producing concrete benefits for the hosting companies, through streamlined R@D and human resources potential.

The local community can also benefit

A source of high value freelance jobs.

Local industry supporting what was created.  Recurring service jobs supporting was originally created in the community.

The right to commercialize whatever was created locally, or globally on the network.

The economic benefits will stay in the community, and valuable resources will not be transferred to another jurisdiction.

Problem solving and issues unique to the local community can be addressed by those who are close enough to intimately experience, and not a package one size fits all transported half way around the World.

Benefits for the Sensorican community.

Positive social exposure.

Concrete methods of testing Sensorica's core methodologies.

Employment of Affiliates in consultancy, of building and maintaining the network.

Broadening the reach of the network, and methods of innovation.

Long-term goals

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Tools, activities, and processes

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Skills and resources needed

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Contact us if you want to contribute!

Intellectual Property

As we participate in the Open Source Hardware Market, we are not bothered by the traditional intellectual property infrastructure.  We believe patents are only useful for high risk and capital intensive R&D companies, such as pharmaceutical firms. In the case of consumers electronics the innovation cycle is very fast and patents become less and less relevant. With recent changes in patent legislation in the U.S. putting the emphasis on first to patent, rather than first to invent, the reality of holding a patent stifles collaboration and innovation, with the awkwardness of non disclosure agreements.

In reality no individual will ever change the geometrical shape of the wheel and expect it to perform better, we can only expect to tweak, modify or add to what was previously created.  An entrepreneur is a visionary that realizes value, to benefit the largest number of individuals, by fulfilling an overlooked vacant need, to help various entities to realize a gain or to prevent a loss.

Upon being a participant in the peer to peer market, we are free to collaborate within the SENSORICA global network consisting of over 100 affiliates.  We cannot think of model that operates on such a level playing field, where market participants have to rely heavily on differentiation of services, and rapid innovation to cater to the interests of the client.

Benefits of Open Source Hardware.

Socio-Cultural/Demographic  The end chain, will be the development of our precision agriculture hardware, where we will transfer this technology to developing nations so that they, have a case for to commercialize it, to further their local economies.

We belong to an established network, of non proprietary, hardware, where we can use and expand on parts already deployed in a commercial setting, and employ primitives to mix and remix, without the need to reinvent the wheel each time.


NRP-CAS (Contribution accounting system)

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