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LE VOICE - Verdun project


$8M to create the world's first collaborative economy cluster in Verdun, Montreal

Initiative started by SENSORICA in colaboration with David Lametti, MP from Verdun and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.  
David follows SENSORICA since 2013. In January 2016, after the federal election, he invited SENSORICA members to discuss about an initiative to boost the economy in his riding. The general idea was to create a network of open innovation spaces, built along the OVN SENSORICA model, where the local population can meet with entrepreneurs and local companies to generate new economic initiatives.
David asked Tibi to gather a group of experts from our local network to facilitate the implementation of this concept.
OuiShare MTL was also included in this project. Alex Bigot, co-founder of OuiShare MTL and OuiShare global connector was invited by sensoricans at a meeting on the Parliament Hill in Ottawa, where David reaffirmed his interest for this project. In 2019 OuiShare MTL lost interest in the project.  
During the Montreal edition of the World Social Forum we met with other local players and discussed the project, in order to complete the initiation and facilitation team.

Partnership structure


    See the Updates doc

    NOTE: Funding for the project should come from DEC, ESDC and Ville de Montreal. We have created two project proposals, one for ESDC, focused on social innovation and development, and another one for DEC, focused on innovation and economic development.
    We are currently working on a formal submission to ESDC. 

    Active tasks

    YouTube Video


    The funding will be distributed to all the participants in the project, based on their roles.

    Skills and resources needed

    Open space design, implementation and co-management
    Open innovation
    P2P economics
    Community-based approaches and action

    For the planning of phase 0 see Trello

    Contact us if you want to contribute!


    Current presentation

    Presentation MESI

    Past presentations

    Project coordination and facilitation

    Project folder
    Knowledge base verdun_project


    Short-term goals

    Long-term goals

    • Public consultation, phase 1
    • Implement the concept in Montreal, phase 2
    • Deploy the concept throughout Canada


    • Secure funding for the first year, phase 1
    • Create the consortium between SENSORICA and OuiShare
    • Implement the first CELL in Verdun
    • Deploy the first phase
    • More on phase 2 later... 




    If you are new to this project, you can join this Forum

    Google Group


    Urban analysis for the location of 5 CELLs