Verdun project CAS

Project-level contribution accounting. This page allows you to understand how value is added to the project and to log your own contributions. 

Project page in NRP-CAS

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Official project benefit redistribution algorithm

The project has 3 main phases
  • Initiation - work done prior to the date when it became clear that the finding will be releases - highest risk, uncertain payment
  • Preparation - work done after the date when it became clear the funding will be released and before the beginning date of the project - low risk, differed payment
  • Development - work done after the funding has been released - low risk, immediate payment     
Those who contributed to the Initiation of the project will share 10,000$ as soon as the funding is released (included in the first year's budget)
For those who contribute to the Preparation phase, we need to agree on type benefits and their distribution modalities. 
Those who participate in the development phase will be financially rewarded according to the Work Plan, to the defined tasks in the planning, to the types and nature of deliverables. 

Access to Roles will be conditioned by Reputation and Contributions.    

Detailed Benefit Redistribution algorithm