Verdun social development initiative

This is NOT a public facing webpage. THIS IS YOUR COLLABORATION SPACEIf you are part of this initiative is it YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, shared with all other participants, to make sure that this page serves the purpose of orientation and facilitation for everyone involved. If you can't find an information that you need here, others might need it too, make sure you find it and post it here. Let's work stigmergically!

NOTE: bookmark this page, it will be your first line of sight into this initiative. 

Urgent matters!

Tibi is coordinating an effort to finish a document by Monday early morning. This doc should describe the Verdun project from the social innovation and social development perspective. This effort is our best shot ever to fund the Verdun project. 
To write the document in a collaborative way, we are working in THIS document, following Sensorica's co-writing methodology. 
The doc is messy at this moment, it is a working doc. After having created the structure of the text and validated it, we are currently writing the text. More instructions in the doc. 


Fund the Verdun project through the social development angle. 


The following deliverables will be produced sequentially. All contributors will have access to edit (ask Tibi). 
  1. LE VOICE Social implications: a document exploring possibilities 
  2. eco2FEST harvest: list of projects and organizations that have participated and contributed to eco2FEST. 
  3. List participant organizations, projects and initiatives (most of which are in Montreal South-West)
  4. Find and enhance synergy among the above
  5. Once a picture emerges, conceptualize the Verdun social development initiative. 
  6. Proposing initiative. 
Support actions
  1. Put in place structure: IT infrastructure - Done by Tibi, to be improved during the process with input from contributors. 
  2. Structure (virtual collaborative space, NRP, and others), Governance, Methodologies, ... - Started by Tibi, to be improved during the process with input from contributors.
  3. Outreach (build list, starting from eco2FEST)
  4. Brainstorming - conceptualize offline and online 
  5. Set up collaborative writingStarted by Tibi, to be improved during the process with input from contributors. 


Communication: Let's avoid drowning in emails! All communication that is pertinent for others, about this initiative, must go through the Verdun project public Forum

Planning and contribution logging: we will use the Verdun project NRP (if you are new, ask permission to create account)

Documentation: all documentation will go in THIS folder

Decision making: we will use the Verdun project Loomio


  • Roles
    • Facilitation: Sensorica
    • Partners/actors: organizations, projects, initiatives, including Sensorica