Verdun social development initiative


Describe the NOICE / LEVOICE (Verdun) project from the perspective of social development. 


The following deliverables will be produced sequentially. All contributors will have access to edit (ask Tibi). 
  1. LE VOICE Social implications: a document exploring possibilities 
  2. eco2FEST harvest: list of projects and organizations that have participated and contributed to eco2FEST. 
  3. List participant organizations, projects and initiatives (most of which are in Montreal South-West)
  4. Find and enhance synergy among the above
  5. Verdun project as a social development initiative - a new proposal!


Communication: Let's avoid drowning in emails! All communication that is pertinent for others, about this initiative, must go through the Verdun project public Forum

Planning and contribution logging: we will use the Verdun project NRP (if you are new, ask permission to create account)

Documentation: all documentation will go in THIS folder

Decision making: we will use the Verdun project Loomio


  • Roles
    • Facilitation: Sensorica
    • Partners/actors: organizations, projects, initiatives, including Sensorica