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Project proposition discussion and rating

Use this page to propose new projects, and to discuss and to rate already propose projects.  

This is a Darwinian space for ideas. Humans don't compete here, ideas are. Read the ideas already proposed, rate them up or down and/or comment on them. After having read all the proposed ideas you might have other ideas of your own. Please enter them to be rated and commented. Your new ideas can be entirely independent of what has already been proposed, or even a combination of what had already been proposed. You are encouraged to propose even ideas that you don't subscribe to, just to enlarge the conceptual space of the discussion and to stimulate other member participants. This is the perfect space to play the devil's advocate. Don't take it personal if your idea gets bad critics. Don't refrain from criticizing other ideas. Refer to ideas NOT to their proponents. The overarching goal is to explore all facets of a problem and to slowly migrate towards a consensus. 

To be completed...