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Sensing and sensemaking for (g)local food systems

If you like what you see, don't just copy our technology, join SENSORICA. It is in your best interest! Here's why


The global food system is broken! It is unsustainable, it produces social inequalities and injustice, it delivers unhealthy products to the masses, and it is highly sensitive to geopolitical situations, to the price of oil, and to financial systems. Many agree that the solution is a decentralized glocal food system

Affiliates of the SENSORICA open value network have acquired a keen understanding about the new economy. As an open community, we are very well positioned to respond to the needs of the emerging glocal food system, in terms of sensing technologies and sensemaking. There are two places where we can intervene: 
  1. Production: Sensors are used to make sense. We see sensors as parts of intelligent systems. Sensors become valuable when they are integrated into systems for planning, decision making, and market stabilization. Our goal is to provide a variety of sensors integrated within a p2p network, associated open databases and with data analysis capability. Our goal is to level the field of information and knowledge in this economic sector and to empower individuals, locals, and their communities, to allow them to extract value from their physical environment, in the most sustainable way possible. 
  2. Quality testing: Sensors extend our own sensing. We acknowledge the fact that a decentralized glocal food system must address quality in a very different way. Affiliates of SENSORICA are thinking about lab-on-a-chip, portable and low cost technology for a democratic and distributed quality testing and certification system. In other words, we want to give every individual the ability to easily test the quality of soils, water and foods, anywhere, anytime.   




We asked our partners to ask farmers to describe their needs. This is what they said. 
You can join SENSORICA and work on one of those needs. 

Food-based needs for SENSORICA technical network


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