What is GreenSense?

Is to be an Exchange firm [see definition] for agricultural products and services.
Follow development on separate website

GreenSense was first created by John CC, Tibi, Bruce, Abran and Jim. They also worked on a business plan.  

Repository of designs and prototypes

Commercial activity development 

Products and services for GreenSense come from glocal food system meta project in Sensorica. See also the content folder.

Example of an advanced projects

At this moment we are exploring two approaches to commercialization

1. Distribute kits by establishing a relation with existing vendors on markets like eBay
2. Sign a deal with open source hardware companies like Adafruit wants to pay sensoricans to create new applications and new kits (see more here).

1. requires mature kits, ready for sale. You can find some here 
2. requires projects under development to show Adafruit that we are on the move to create new applications using their hardware, which will result in communities, kits, perhaps new products that they can build, etc.

Question: Do we trying both at the same time or prioritize one to do first?

To Dos

Create a new website that will be used in the approach 1. and 2. above. This has been discussed on the mailing list. 
  • Ernesto has started the design in this doc: provide feedback or start implementation