Air Cleaning Pot

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Learn how to clean air using the growing medium of plants.

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  • An Open Science experimental platform, outlining the role of Carbon Sequestered by Pyrolysis and common Lithospheric materials, in their role of developing sustainable soils.  
  • A very cool, low tech air filter that that uses microbiological, biochar to effectively clean stagnant air.

Short-term goals

To sponsor work parties at the Lab, to improve upon our minimum viable prototype, and gain interest within the local Montreal collaborative ecosystem.  Assumptions that were stated in the working document will have to be verified, by competent professionals.   To gain acceptance with the wider GOSH community and other like minded Open Science and Hardware communities, this summer.

Long-term goals

To be an Open Science demonstration platform, on the role of various elements in building soils.


The original minimum viable prototype that was build, back at the beginning of January, has performed up to expectations over the last six month. 


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