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This is a practical implementation of advanced plant growing techniques. While Sensorica has developed multiple technologies for smart agriculture, the implementation has often been left for other partners in the eco-system. This project looks to utilize those technologies in-house as well as develop new applications for resource efficient production of food. 

The project will create an eco-system of sensors and controllers that will automate efficient plant growth techniques. Typically a plant requires light, nutrients, suitable grow media and water to grow. Our aim is to create and maintain optimal conditions using automated controllers and sensors. 

Focus will be placed on urban community agriculture with special emphasis on developing a sustainable business model. The tools and techniques developed and streamlined through this project should enable co-operative community farming in urban settings. While large scale commercial farms are not the intended end-user, the tools developed should be scale-able and use-able on a commercial scale as well. 

Overall, we should be able to maximize resource efficiency in terms of raw material consumption and human inputs. The project will serve as a test and development bed for implementation of Sensorica developed technologies and tools. 


  • Urban Agriculture
  • Community Agriculture
  • Indoor Agriculture
  • R&D Agriculture 

Short-term goals

Short-term goals include developing tools necessary for remote monitoring and maintaining growing spaces. Automating collection of data on plants will be necessary requiring use of technologies such as NDVI imaging, moisture, humidity and temperature sensors, photo-spectrometer, and other novel techniques. In short, an array of sensors and controllers will be used to automate the resource input required for plant growth. 

Long-term goals

  • Using the Montreal Lab location as a hub for starting an indoor Organic Micro-Green production for commercial scale sales. 


1) Set-up experimental grow room
  • LED based grow lights
  • Irrigation system 
  • Nutrient delivery system
2) Introduce Sensors for remote monitoring 
  • Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Light levels etc,
  • Arrange and sort data and co-relate with plant growth
3) Create controllers for automation of human inputs
  • Use smart controllers to maintain ideal growing conditions for plants
4) Preparation for large-scale implementation
  • Package technologies and tools for modular installations
5) Installation at Sensorica Lab, Montreal for Micro-Green commercial venture


Abran Khalid


  • Practical demonstration and implementation of Sensorica developed tools 
  • Long-term goal of a commercial venture based on learning from this project.
See SENSORICA Business Model and Contribution Accounting System.

Tools, activities, and processes

[provide information about technological tools use in this project, database, meeting places, ... Ex: folders in Google docs, Diigo link and tag used, project management, etc. ]

Skills and resources needed

Electrical and Software. Material Sciences.  Agricultural Sciences. Botanical Sciences. Community based agricultural projects. Business development. Willingness to work with plants. 

Contact us if you want to contribute!

  •  Research Material Repository
    • Plant specific research papers and summaries

Knowledge base (Diigo)

These are the tags that will be used to tag research materials on Diigo. These can be easily searched for on the Diigo site. The main tag for the overall project is "GreenThumb". Further tags will define the sub-category such as lighting or fertilizers. There will be at least one tag for each resource. 
As the scope of the project grows, the number of tags will naturally grow with it.


Overall Project : GreenThumb
Irrigation         : Watering
Lighting           : Plant_Light
Fertilizers         : Plant_Nutes
Environment     : Plant_Envr

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