Lab-on-a-chip sensor technology for soil, water and food testing

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Design and build the quality control and certification infrastructure for the emerging glocal food system. 

SENSORICA builds a network around bio-chemical sensing. The ultimate goal is to put in place a modular lab-on-a-chip sensor technology/platform for testing and certification, based on an open standard that remains to be defined. This system can be integrated with peer-to-peer markets for distribution of agricultural products and food.    

Use THIS forum to engage. 


  • Quality testing and certification of food
  • Soil characterization 
  • Water quality testing  
  • add more...   

Our technologies

We are putting together a group of academic labs to work on lab-on-a-chip for bio-chemical detection. 

SENSORICA Montreal in-house development

Short-term goals

  • Articulate a vision for the future of the food system, its infrastructure, quality control system   
  • Translate the vision and actual needs into technical requirements, brake it down into individual projects that can be distributed to different research labs based on their specialization.    
  • Build a network of research labs for bio-chemical sensing and lab-on-a-chip technology. 
    • we're trying to bring together labs in Montreal, from McGill University, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, INRS
    • We also have contacts at Stanford University and Berkeley University. 

Long-term goals

  • Design (or adopt/adapt an existing one) a standard for quality control and certification for the future food system.
  • Design a modular lab-on-a-chip -based quality testing and certification platform. 
  • Design and build individual quality test modules suited for specific applications, start with high value applications.     


  • Write the vision document
  • Build a network and get a collaboration grant for innovation and tech transfer.  


Started to talk with researchers. 
Started to engage existing local food networks to understand how they operate and to get them formulate their actual and future needs in terms of testing and certification. 
Discussed about the project with members of Greener Acres and
SENSORICA Asia, focusing on biochemical detection is being developed by Layne and Bryan.

Who's involved


Sources of revenue: Short-term we count on research grants. Longer term we'll count on the distribution of solutions and associated services. Crowdfunding for smaller projects of prototyping are also an option. 
Access to built capital and social capital: we are planning to integrate at least 5 University labs from Quebec, Ontario and Ohio USA. 
First-hand access to co-developed knowledge and know how

Tools, activities, and processes

Diigo link - tag lab-on-a-chip

Social media

Skills and resources needed

  • Bio- chemical sensing, optics, photonics, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, microfabrication...
  • Network building 
  • Technical writing and grant writing
  • Office tasks and coordination

Contact us if you want to contribute!

Bio-chemical sensing for the glocal food system


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