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Soccer in smart cities

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If you like what you see, don't just copy our technology, join SENSORICA. It is in your best interest! Here's why


The goal of this project is to create a family of technologies that allows streaming / recording of amateur soccer games, with social interactivity.

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  • Amateur soccer
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Short-term goals

Build a minimal viable product

Long-term goals

Build a collaborative enterprise 


  1. Find early adapters and collect feedback
  2. Refine the design
  3. Finish a MVP prototype
  4. Field test with early adapters 
  5. Find sponsors for the project 


[list members actively involved and all other stakeholders]
[This list will be replaced with a UI/script which will automatically pull info from the activity log, and display members
involved and their relative contribution. See infrastructure activity cluster for more on infrastructure development.]  


[make it clear how everyone involved will benefit]

See SENSORICA Business Model and Contribution Accounting System.

Tools, activities, and processes

Web links, Diigo tag: smart_soccer

Skills and resources needed

Electronics, Mechanical design, collaborative ventures launch and co-management

Contact us if you want to contribute!

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