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Design and prototype a planar cable parallel robot, able to move a load in 3D space with constant and small speed, close to equilibrium, and with real time feedback from the actual position of the end effector.
Following in the footsteps of the HangPrinter project, our aim is to democratize (open source) cable robots. 

The project stated on August 24th, 2018.
This project was financially sponsored until September 25th. We are looking for new sponsors.


  • Produce a low-cost, open source cable robot prototype.
  • Use low-cost and readily available components, as much as possible open source
  • Produce a complete documentation for assembly and operations.


3D printingsmart agriculturemanufacturing (pick and place), ...


Planning and contribution accounting

SpiderRig NRP CAS (for planning and contribution logging)

Can we extend the capabilities of FarmBot by replacing the CNC frame with a more versatile string hanging rig? 

 Can we improve the capabilities of the Hangprinter by rethinking its motion control system?


Role map


This project is funded! Contributors are financially rewarded in proportion to their contributions. 
Deliverables in this project can be applied in different fields.
  • apply your work to a project for common good that can generate an inestimable social impact
  • experience Sensorica's highly collaborative methodologies (applicable to the open science paradigm)
  • play with other “crazy” and passionate people
  • use the results in any way you see fit, since this system will be released with an open source licence, with rights for commercialization
  • be financially rewarded for your contribution (a modest 50$/hour) since this project is sponsored

See SENSORICA Business Model and Contribution Accounting System

Contributions logging

Log your contributions done for every milestone from the associated NRP-CAS page (See Planning below. If you're not a Sensorica affiliate see Onboarding below).


Anyone can contribute to this project. You can join by filling THIS form. 
Before, you might want to familiarize yourself with the rules of engagement: Project Governance
If you are not already an affiliate of Sensorica someone will answer you and help you join and get up to speed. 


This webpage is for general information and orientation. 
We document our work in THIS folder. [see also Database below, you get edit permission after joining the project]
We log our contributions and deliverables in the NRP-CAS[see Planning below, you get access after joining the project and contributing]


This project is deployed in 6 milestones. The milestones in bold are the current ones. You can open the doc link to see what people are doing, and see tasks and take a task by opening the NRP-CAS link.

Milestone 0 - Administration - Administration doc | NRP-CAS page
Milestone 1 - Develop shared understanding and research | Understanding doc |NRP-CAS page
Milestone 2 - Design considerations | Design doc |NRP-CAS page
Milestone 3 - Design | Design doc|NRP-CAS page
Milestone 4 - Prototyping | Prototyping doc|NRP-CAS page
Milestone 5 - Project wrap up | Final doc | NRP-CAS page


The rules of the game: Project Governance
Redistribution of benefits: Benefit Redistribution Agreement
Transactions are secured by the Custodian Agreement

Tools, activities, and processes

Project folder (containing all important files)
Project NRP-CAS (planning and contributions)
Diigo (knowledge base)

Skills and resources needed

3D modeling and mechanics (basics)
Electronics (motors and motor controllers, position sensors)
Software (embedded software)



Open page with most relevant books and papers. 

Contact us if you want to contribute!